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How to change the color of the Marker points in chartfx for .net

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The flag ChartType.ColorLine (TypeMask property) instructs the chart to use

the series color to draw the line between markers instead of using the

BorderColor, turning this flag OFF will allow you to control the color of

the marker independently from the color of the line.


chart1.TypeMask &= ~ChartType.ColorLine;

for (int i = 0; i < chart1.NSeries; i++)

chart1.Series[i].BorderColor = chart1.Series[i].Color; // Copy series

color to BorderColor. You can assign BorderColor to anything you want.

chart1.BorderEffect = BorderEffect.None; // Turn OFF Border efect. Use

actual color instead.

chart1.Point[1,1].Color = Color.Red; // Change color of specific point




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