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Seems that your server is running on 256 colors. Either change the server to

full color or chose a color that is "browser safe", the latest will be the

best option since it will work for users that have 256 color video cards.


"David Tran" <david.tran@meniscus.com.au> wrote in message


> I am developing ChartFX images on new TDWaterhouse server.

> http://www.tdwaterhouse.com.au


> I have a problem with these stock images. These images are dithering which

> did not happen on our dev servers and on previous TDWaterhouse website. I

> have tried to remove ChartFX s/w and install it again few times but that

> does not help.


> Anyone have any idea why these images on TDWaterhouse website are


> like this?


> Please send your reply to david.tran@meniscus.com.au if it is possible.


> Thanks,


> David Tran





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