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Re: Getting/setting series Y axis does not work

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The problem you are expiriencing, and a work aound for it, is described in

article Q1381014.



"Edward Evans" <eevans@pacsim.com> wrote in message


> In the following annotated C++ code, you can see how this doesn't work:


> /* I've got a valid ICfxSeriesPtr series pointer, and I'd like to inspect

> and modify

> the series y axis*/

> CfxAxisIndex idx = seriesPtr->YAxis; // idx gets set to -0x33340000

> seriesPtr->YAxis = AXIS_Y; // Want to set it to primary Y axis

> idx = seriesPtr->YAxis; // idx still gets set to -0x33340000


> What's going on?


> -Ed Evans




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