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Re: X-Axis Date Labels

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You can set the X-Axis min to indicate where the scale starts (at an

specific date), then, set the LabelValue property (x-axis) to the number of

days each point represents (1 would be taken by default), for instance if

you have one point every week, set the LabelValue to 7.



"Pierre Jamali" <Pierre.Jamali@midas-kapiti.com> wrote in message


> I have a problem with X-Axis labels. I have not been able to get an answer

> from chartfx98@softwarefx.com and it is such a common problem that I am

> hoping may be some one out there can help me.


> The problem is about controlling where the x-axis labels occur when the

> x-axis is datetime rather than labels.

> When x-axis is labels the the FirstLabel and STEP properties take integers

> corresponding to number of datapoints.

> But when x-axis is datetime I can't figure out how these should be set, to

> control where the ticks occur on x-axis.

> For instance how would one specify that major ticks should occur on the

> first of each Month or Year?


> This would mean distance between tick marks may not always be the same,


> shorter for FEB.

> However, I believe that is possible otherwise it would be a very serious

> short coming.



> Thanks.





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