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Re: XY Chart Zero Line messes up manual scaling

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I would like to have an actual picture and the lines of code you are using

to feed the chart, since I tried to reproduce your problem however

everything worked fine.



Percy Dyer

Software FX, Inc. Tech Support


"Rob Bengtson" <robb@telcorinc.com> wrote in message


> I am setting up an XY chart with two y-axis that I need to have line up.

> The Y2 axis has labels for standard deviation set up as min =-4, max=4,

> step=1. labeled -4 SD to 4 SD. The Y axis holds the corresponding actual

> values for those standard deviations. I need the y axis to also have 9

> ticks to match the Y2 axis, so if your mean is 10, sd is 1, the min on Y


> 6, the max is 14,the step is 1 and the center of the chart corresonding to


> SD on Y2 is 6 on Y.


> I have no problem getting the axis to line up unless the min or max on the


> axis cross zero, so eg. min is negative, max is positive, or the zero line

> is visible on the graph. When the zero line shows on the graph, the chart

> rescales around the zero, so if my min = -7, max =7, step = 2, the graph

> shows a zero line and the y axis is scaled to be -8, -6, -4, -2, 0, 2, 4,


> 8 and this throws off my axes.


> Is there anyway to not have the zero line show?



> Thank you

> Rob Bengtson

> robb@telcorinc.com

> Senior Consultant

> Telcor Inc.






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