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Re: Divide by Zero exception + more

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Part of this problem was solved in previous Service Pack. We are testing

your .txt files more deeply to reproduce your other problems and try to

define if it is a bug or not.



Percy Dyer

Software FX, Inc. Tech Support


"Serge S. Spiridonoff" <sss@corbina.net> wrote in message


> Hi!


> I have already reported this problem several times but it still occurs


> with the latest patch.


> Please see the attached .zip file. It contains the chart files which

> demonstrate the problem. When loaded by the OCX version (Cfx98.exe MFC

> sample) the toolbar and menus are corrupted. Loading by Chart FX DLL


> Divide by Zero exception (see the attached callstack.txt).


> This is a big problem for us because our users constantly get the


> when they load the previously saved charts. All we can suggest them is to

> re-creates the charts. This is frustrating and who knows when the


> chart file become corrupted again.



> Also, I've reported a problem with SetContourLabels method but no one

> replied. So I repeat.


> I have a surface chart and want to create legends like this,

> red: 0-100

> green: 100-200

> blue: 200-300


> To achieve this, I call SetContourLabels(100) and it works fine.


> However, if I call SetContourLabels(0), then the legends become empty

> strings (the help states the the Chart FX should auto-select the best



> Why SetContourLabels(0) does not work? Is it a bug or am I doing something

> wrong?


> Another problem.


> If I have a surface chart with Y-axis in range 0-500 and call

> SetContourLabels(100) the Y-axis step is correctly changed to 100, the

> surface has 5 colored levels and the series legends are changed to 0-100,

> 100-200,...,400-500. That's fine.


> But now consider that the user of my app wants 10 levels. So he or she


> to the

> Y-axis properties dialog and changes the Major unit from 100 to 50.

> The step changes correctly. The surface display also changes to 10 levels.

> However, the series legends still display 0-100, 100-200 ... instead of

> 0-50, 50-100,...


> What should I do to make Chart FX auo-update the series legends?


> Thanks in advance,

> Serge





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