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Should hot fixes be applied to web servers?

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I have purchased chartfx 6.2 for .net and have it installed on my

development machine. In January, I was running into problems disabling my

data editor, and was instructed by support to install the hot fix found at

this link:


since it resolved that problem.

I am in the process of deploying my application to the web server.

Is it safe to apply the hotfix found at that link to the web server? Will a

service pack that resolves that problem be released soon?

Also, I noticed that a different version of the hot fix has been released.

Do I need to apply it (since the web server will need to have a matching

version #)?

I have included a snapshot of the version of the hot fix I have on my



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You should wait for a SP to be released, HotFixes are not as thoroughly

tested as SP are.

This is of course a "general" rule. If you need some specific hotfix

deployed in your servers and can not wait for the SOP to be released, please

contact our support dept. they might be able to provide you with a more

tested version.



Software FX, Inc.

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