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This question was responded by phone and the problem is produce when the

general gallery of the chart was defined by code as a LINE and after that

the user try to change the Gallery for Bar and make it Stacked using the

Properties Dialog . If what you want is set the Gallery using the Properties

Dialog the code "ChartFX.Gallery=LINE" should not be appear.



Percy Dyer

Software FX, Inc. Tech Support

Please reply to: Cfx98@softwarefx.com


"Merri Glover" <mglover@distributive.com> wrote in message


> hello -

> i'm developing using VB6 and chartfx charting control

> (cfx4032.ocx version i'm having trouble with the

> 'Stacked' property from the Chart FX Properties window.


> i have a multiple series metric that i've set as gallery type BAR.

> when i select the chart fx properties icon (while my app is running),

> the pulldown option for Stacked is disabled (on General tab).

> i have other multi-series charts that, when gallery is set to BAR, there

> is no

> problem accessing the Stacked options.


> what could cause the properties window to disable the stacked option?

> i would like to have that option for all of my charts.


> thanks very much -

> merri

> --




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