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The application does not have enough permissions to execute this operation.

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I have seen that you have addressed this issue before, but my question is

what level of permissions are needed?

We have a local Intranet, and have the following settings for the Runtime

security setting:

Enterprise - All Code - Full Trust

Machine - All Code - Nothing

Machine - LocalIntranet - LocalIntranet

User - All Code - Full Trust

On my machine it works (even when connecting via the Intranet to my IIS

Server), on other machines it fails?

I have chartFX .NET 6.2 and am using WEB Forms with Visual Studio .NET 2003

Thanks for any help in advance


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Depending on which component you are using the level or permissions is


Which component is giving you the error ? the server component or the client

component ?

When does the error occur ? any particular operation being performed ?

ChartFX for .NET 6.2 IE Client Component can run on Low Trust. However some

operations such as Hyper-Linking, Clipboard Interaction, Client Side Events,

File System IO, and others require an increased level of trust, in some

cases Full Trust is required as call to unmanaged code are needed.

Chart FX Server Component requires a high level of trust. Since this

component is designed to run locally.



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