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Re: MultipleColors Property, Bar or Pie Chart

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How many series does your chart have ? In a PIE chart, each series is

represented by a separate PIE.

If you have one series (one PIE) and multiple colors, you must do:

objChart1.OpenDataEx COD_COLORS, nSlices,0 ' Last parameter is ignored


for i = 0 to nSlices-1

objChart1.Color(i) = RGB(0, 0, 255) 'from the help on .Color

next i

objChart1.CloseData COD_COLORS

You do not need to use MultipleColors unless you have more than one PIE and

one to color them independently, in this case you must do:

objChart1.OpenDataEx COD_COLORS, nSlices*nPies,0

The first color will be the first slice of the first pie, the second will be

the second slice of the first pie, and so on.




"SteveT" <stephent@compassadv.com> wrote in message


I'd like to control the color of the sections of a pie chart. I've been

unsuccessful with either a Pie or Bar chart.

It seems the following should color the 6th slice/point, but doesn't work.


nSeries = 1

nPoints = 13

objChart1.MultipleColors = True

objChart1.OpenDataEx COD_COLORS, nSeries, nPoints

objChart1.Color(0 + (5* 1)) = RGB(0, 0, 255) 'from the help on .Color

objChart1.CloseData COD_COLORS



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