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Re: Weird horizontal lines

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The reason is that your data goes back. Your X values go from 00/01/23

5:06:25 to 00/01/23 00:00:00 10.00 (notice that it is the same day) then to

00/01/23 05:10:50 76.60 and then back to 00/01/23 00:00:00 10.00.

So those "strange" lines are just lines connecting your data that's going

back and forth.




"Edward Evans" <eevans@pacsim.com> wrote in message


> The attached chart has a couple weird horizonal lines trailing back to the

> left side of the chart. When I view the data values in the chart, I don't

> see any odd numbers. Why do those horizontal lines appear?


> Thanks,


> Ed Evans

> eevans@pacsim.com





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