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How to format the series tooltip on a pie chart

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How do I format the popup tooltip that appears when the user hovers over a

pie sector. If you search the Samples & Resource Centre for PointLabelMask,

the sample chart has nicely formatted flyout point labels, but if you mouse

over a pie sector the popup looks like:

Series name

Legend Text

Value out of Total


I would like to limit the popup to the Legend Text only. I've tried looping

through the dataset and setting the Series Tag property, with no effect. ie:

Dim intIdx as Long

With myChart

For Each myRow In myDataSet.Tables("myData").Rows

intIdx += 1

.Legend(intIdx) += " (" & String.Format("{0:###.0}", .Value(0, intIdx) *

100) & "%)"

.Series(intIdx).Tag = .Legend(intIdx)


Ideally I would like this to work even when PointLabels are set to False

Also, I want to add a general tooltip description to my chart. I have set

ShowTips="True" and assigned Tooltip="This pie chart shows some data", but I

can't seem to get Tooltip to appear when the mouse is over the chart. Is

this possible?



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Thanks, that's great.

What about if you want percentage to 1 decimal points (it seems to default

to 2 decimal points)?

"SoftwareFX Support" <noreply@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> The TipMask property does this for you.


> It works like PointLabelMask but this one is used for the tooltip.


> --

> FP

> Software FX



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