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Re: Using data from arrays

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Correct, no copy is stored, you need to make a copy if you want to achieve

this functionality.




"Abram Krebs" <duckwood@gamry.com> wrote in message


> Hello,


> I have a COM object which returns an Array of data. I want to use the

> CfxDataArray object to put this information into the Chart.


> The problem is that I have multiple arrays of data, and I perform this

> operation in a loop.


> The CfxDataArray.AddArray function seems to not actually perform a copy of

> the data? Perhaps it just stores the pointer to the data until the

> ChartFx.GetExternalData command is called?


> So what happens in my loop is that the Array reference changes every time,

> and in the end, I get garbage on my graph...as if only one series has been

> added


> It works fine for a single series, but not for multiple because of this.


> I hope I am making sense here. Any suggestions?


> Abe Krebs



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