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Windows Server 2003: how to install ChartFX within a existing virtual directory?

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I have a problem with Windows Server 2003 (standard edition) and installing

ChartFX 6.2 in a existing virtual directory.

My situation is as follow:

1) http://server/'>http://server/

2) http://server/'>http://server/virtualdir/

Both directories do have a virtual directory pointing to the ChartFX

directory (where the download, licence and temp directories are).

When I copy exact the same code to both locations, only the first works

(http://server), with the second I recieve an "DirectoryNotFoundException"

(there isn't any temp file made in the temp directory). In both situations I

can browse to the ChartFX62 directory (for example

http://server/'>http://server/virtualdir/charfx62/temp/) directories, so that is not the


Am I doing something wrong, or is this "normal" behaviour?

NB: I *have* to use the virtual directories for multiple sites because they

are forwarded from another (Linux) server.

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You can use chartfx.interent.config to manually define the location for both

absolute (physical) path and relative (logical) url.

You can do this as follows:



<Absolute>C:\program files\...</Absolute>


Relative is going to be used to generate the url for the image. Whatever you

put here is going to be used "as is" concatenated with "chartfx62\temp".

Absolute is the physical path corresponding to the url above. These setting

HAVE TO MATCH. They should both refer to the SAME physical location.

You can put a different chartfx.internet.config on the bin folder of each




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