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Re: Pie charts and annotation objects

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In a PIE chart you must make your annotation object ATTACH_NONE as there is

no axis to be attached to.

Also make sure you have the latest service pack.




"Serge S. Spiridonoff" <sss@corbina.net> wrote in message


> Hi!


> Annotation objects behave very strange in my app when placed on a pie


> immediately after importing the chart from a file.

> For example, if I click a Text Box button and put a text box on the chart


> is created at the top left corner, not where I release the mouse button.


> to move it elsewhere but it doesn't move.


> This doesn't happen with non-pie charts. Switch to bar chart and then back

> to pie and the problem is solved. Save and close the chart, then re-open


> and the problem happens again.


> What can be wrong? I don't manipulate annotation objects programmatically

> after loading the chart (I only call GetExtension).


> Thanks in advance,

> Serge



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