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Re: Please Help! Position Annotation Objects

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Do the objects have a size ? did you asign width and height ? how are you

attaching the objects ? There are samples in our KB that show you how to do





"B. XU" <xu@metsci.com> wrote in message


> Hi, All:


> I am a new user of ChartFx 98 in VB6.

> I am plotting a line curve with both x values and y values specified for

> the series. Both x and y coordinates are dates. Annotation objests are

> created and attached to data points via the "attach" method. Then the

> Step, MinorStep, Min and Max for both x and y are specified.


> After these, the curves were created nicely as designed but the annotion

> objects are NOT showing! I checked the coordinates for the

> "AttachPosition", they are correct.


> The only thing I can think of is that the date values in

> "AttachPosition" string were not interpreted correctly.


> Please help! -- How to fix it or how to get around it?


> Thanks!!!


> Ben



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