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corrupted license

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The corrupted license problem is generally caused by ChartFX not being able to read the contents of the license file.  Check to make sure that the NT permissions as well as your web server permissions are set properly.  Also you could try typing in the URL of the license file and see if you are able to view the contents of the license file.  Make sure that path of the license file on your web server is the same path that you have specified in your code (<PARAM name="License" value="/License/CfxIE.lic">)

Please take note that this newsgroup is dedicated to the ChartFX Client/Server product. Please redirect future questions to the ChartFX IE newsgroup.

Justin Trask

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From: Despoina stamkou [ mailto:deppy@realize.gr]

Posted At: Friday, August 04, 2000 3:12 AM

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Conversation: broblem

Subject: broblem


I am trying a trial version of SFX Client.Server. The image is the

result of the code you see here:



<% Set chart = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer") %>


Set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")


Set RS = Conn.Execute("SELECT CVSex,CVTel FROM CV")

Set chart = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer")

chart.AdoResultset RS



<OBJECT classid="CLSID:21F49842-BFA9-11d2-A89C-00104B62BDDA"



width="300" height="300"



<PARAM name="License" value="/License/CfxIE.lic">

<PARAM name="TypeMask" value="110890242">

<PARAM name="Style" value="-1">

<PARAM name="IntFlags" value="4">

<EMBED type="chart/chartfxie" name="Chart1"

width="300" height="300"










Chart.AllowResize = True

Chart.AllowDrag = True

Chart.AllowEdit = True

Chart.ContextMenus = True

Chart.ShowTips = True

Chart.Scrollable = True

Chart.LegendBoxObj.Moveable = True

Chart.LegendBoxObj.Sizeable = 2

Chart.SerLegBoxObj.Moveable = True

Chart.SerLegBoxObj.Sizeable = 2

Chart.DataEditorObj.Moveable = True

Chart.DataEditorObj.Sizeable = 3

Chart.ToolBarObj.Moveable = True

Chart.ToolBar = True

Chart.PaletteBar = True

Chart.PatternBar = True

Chart.DataEditor = True


<%= Chart.GetHtmlTag(300,300) %>



What am I doing wrong and the chart does not appears with toolbar??

Thanks in advance


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