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RE: Assign two series to one Axis in Dual Y-axis chart

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Please see thread in the CfxIE.* newsgroup 


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From: Yang Xie [ mailto:yxie@ziplink.net]

Posted At: Thursday, July 27, 2000 10:57 PM

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Conversation: Assign two series to one Axis in Dual Y-axis chart

Subject: Assign two series to one Axis in Dual Y-axis chart

Hello all:

I have a recordset which contains 5 columns x 12 rows of

data. the first column

is for X-axis. the 2nd and 3rd column are percentage. and

4th and 5th column are

quantities. I want to use a dual Y-axis chart to represent

the data (the left

Y-axis is used for two percentage series and the right

Y-axis is used for two

Quantity series. What I want eventually is a chart with two

lines for percentages and

two bars for quantities). My problem seemed to be I don't

know how to assign

FOUR series to TWO Y-AXIS (TWO series for each ONE Y-AXIS).

I read through the

help and only got how to assign one series to one axis. it

doesn't seem working

if I say:

set chart=Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer")


Chart.ADOResultset rstTrend


chart.MultiType(0)=xxx ---> 'for 'line and dot' type

chart.MultiType(1)=xxx ---> 'for 'line and dot' type

chart.MultiType(2)=yyy ---> 'for 'bar' type

chart.MultiType(3)=yyy ---> 'for 'bar' type

chart.MultiYAxis(0)=1 ---> ' assign 2nd series to left


chart.MultiYAxis(0)=2 ---> ' assign 3rd series to left


chart.MultiYAxis(1)=3 ---> ' assign 4th series to right


chart.MultiYAxis(1)=4 ---> ' assign 5th series to right



What did I do wrong? I guess that is what I am actually

looking for.

Thank you for your attention.


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