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Re: Annotation Groups can't be unmodifiable

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Yes we are not understanding each other, what keys ? here is you message: 

Bug #1:

> 1) Programmatically create a text annotation object;

> 2) Set AllowModify and AllowMove to VARIANT_FALSE;

> 3) Create the chart (run);

> 4) When you first select that annotation object, try hitting delete and


> that nothing happens (as would be expected;)

> 5) Now click somewhere else then click on that annotation object again;


> hitting delete and see that you can indeed delete the object this time!

Isn't DELETE a key ?

The answer to THIS is:

1) The keys are only taken when the control has the focus, like with any

other control.

Bug #2:

1) At run time, create a text box;

2) Click inside it so you are editing the text;

3) Hit escape and the whole window stops receiving windows messages!

Isn't ESCAPE a key ?

The answer to THIS is:

2) That is some kind of incompatibility with MFC that we haven't been able

to pinpoint. It is MFC who's eating all messages this doesn't happens in any

other container. You may want to create an Accelerator for the Escape key,

this might give you some control.

I can not read your mind, so if you change the question, you have to let me

know. If what you want NOW is to stop the Delete key from deleting the

current selection, all you need to do is to create an Accelarator and

capture the Delete key in your app so that we will not receive it.




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