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Multi-pane charts with two datasets

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I looked into loading data point by point  I have been running into


I want to make a chart with two panes: pane1 will be scatter.line and pane 2

will be scatter.pie

The # of points required to plot the lines will be less than the number of

points required to plot the pie chart. For example:

I have 4 points for the line graph and 8 points for the pie chart (this can

change). I don't want 0 being plotted for points 5-8 for the series related

to the line graph.

I want to display a data editor directly under pane1 that only that pertains

to the line graph data.

I want to display x tick marks under the line graph (this will be dates) and

not under the pie graph.

Can you please provide me with some sample code to do this?


"SoftwareFX Support" <support@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> Chart FX's databinding capabilities allow you to connect to ONE dataset

> only. Either you combine this two sets of data into one dataset or you


> have to use Chart FX's API to pass the data point by point (OpenData -

> CloseData approach).


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> FP

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What is SCATTER-PIE ? I think you are misunderstanding what Panes are, panes

allow you to plot different charts that SHARE the same X-Axis. They all have

the same number of points and are "synchronized".

What you need here is just two, completely separate, chart objects, one to

plot the Pie and one to plot the Line, each chart will read from a different

dataset, and each chart will have its own set of properties.



Software FX, Inc.

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