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RE: Lowering the Legend box's priority

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One object does not inheritably have priority over another. Basically what ever object was created first will have the highest priority and there is no way to programmatically change that. So in order to solve your problem you will need to change the order in which you enable the toolbar and series legend.

Justin Trask

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From: Andrew Pane [ mailto:apane@merak.com]

Posted At: Wednesday, June 14, 2000 3:52 PM

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Conversation: Lowering the Legend box's priority

Subject: Lowering the Legend box's priority

(VC++, DLL)

Is it possible to lower the "priority" of the legend box somehow so the

toolbars take precendence?

I've noticed that if the legend box is docked on the right side of the

image, it will clip the toolbars (see img1.jpg) and if it docked to the top

it will appear above the toolbars (img2.jpg.) Neither of these are

aesthetically pleasing.


Andrew Pane


Merak Projects Ltd.

A Division of Schlumberger GeoQuest


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