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Re: Scatter charts and X-axis legends and more...

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My name is Francisco Padron, head of Chart FX 98 team. 

The purpose of this newsgroup is to have a place were questions about the

product can be answer and shared with other users.

It is irritating to see how you have used this media to attack our software

in this unreasonable way. The following few lines demonstrate how out of

line your claims are:

1) If you only open the VC++ samples installed with the software, you will

find the following code in the GetAxisLabel event:

m_pChartFX->HText = "Custom " + m_pChartFX->HText;

*nRes = 1;

Notice the *nRes = 1. This is the line you are missing.

2) SiteToFit alleged bug. This is not useful at all, if you want us to help

you determine the cause of it, you need to provide us with details on how to

reproduce this problem.

3) Where did you posted this message ? I looked here and there in no message

from you about clipping. Do you have the latest Service Pack ? can you

describe the problem in a more constructive way?

4) Q: Who invented ... A: As a user of the DLL, you are considered an EXPERT

user looking for efficiency (we explain you the differences between DLL and

OCX in article Q1381006. This is the most efficient way to do it in

compliance with COM. We also tell you what you needed to do, so what's this

complaint about ? We gave you the code that works in our support site !

We can only help people that wants to be helped, it seems to me that you

have an attitude problem.

I think other users in this forum will appreciate if you use it with the

purpose of getting help not with the purpose of venting your frustration of

having little knowledge and control of the many technologies involved (VC++,

COM, Chart FX). It would have been much easier to check the documentation

first or simply ask for help. Don't you think ?




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