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Real-Time Charting w/o Using the Real-Time API AND w/o Databinding. It works but why is it slow?

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I have a question about plotting points in real time without DataBinding

and even without using the Real-Time API:

I was able to plot data in real time in the following way:

1. Get a DataTable of 1000 rows full of data to plot.

2. Do not databind the chart. Plot the 1st 500 points of data one point at a

time using a for loop and the normal Chart FX API (not real-time).

3. Press a "Plot Next Point" button to plot the next tick (1st button click

plots 501st DataRow's data, 2nd button click plots the 502nd DataRow's data,

etc.), OR press a "Plot All 500 Remaining Points" button to plot the

remaining data.

My question: The above procedure works just fine, but it seems slow. For

instance, the foor loop that prints the first 500 data points finishes a LOT

faster than the "Plot All 500 Remaining Points" button can print the

remaining data points. Why might the chart plot the last 500 points much

more slowly than the first 500 points?

Could it be because the Chart is refreshing or re-databinding (even though I

never databound the chart) for every one of the 500 points I added with the

second button click?

Is there a property of the chart I can use that tells it to allow me to add

the remaining 500 points using the normal Chart FX API without not to

re-refresh or re-databind the entire chart for each of the 500 points?

I want to be able to use a for loop to add the remaining 500 points to

chart.Data.X[series, point] and chart.Data.Y[series, point], and then, after

adding all 500 points to these collections, write code to tell the chart to

plot the 500 data points all at once. Is this possible?

Is it even possible to plot points relatively quickly using the method I

described above, or do I really need to use the Real-Time API? Is the

method I described above always going to be really slow?

Thanks in advance,

Brook Hunter

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