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No Data Available ERROR MESSAGE Bogus

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I just spent hours troubleshooting a 'No Data Available' error in ChartFX

for .NET when data WAS available (and being sent to the chart). The problem

was datatype: The datatype being returned from my stored procedure was of

type VARCHAR2. ChartFX expected a numeric datatype. When I converted the

datatype NUMBER, the 'No Data Available' annoynance went away.

SoftwareFX: Could we get more descriptive error messages please?

The moral of the story: If data IS being sent to your chart, but you still

get a 'NO DATA AVAILABLE' error message, verify that the values are numeric


J. Taylor


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Only numbers can be plotted.

When all columns come back as strings, the chart ends up with no data hence

the message.

I see your point that we could have thrown an exception or something when

setting the data the problem with that is that we don't know if you are

going to pass these values manually using the API.

So I don't see a better way of helping you debug your program here.



Software FX, Inc.

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