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ChartFX6 vir dir

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Actually we cache the physical path of the chartfx6 virtual folder to avoid

doing MapPath on each request. Note that you could change this behavior by

dynamically creating the chart and using Export. This would allow you to do

MapPath on each request and/or use a different virtual dir.

We should (and probably will on a service pack) allow you to set the HtmlTag

at design time to "None" so that you could drop a chart, customize it at

design time and then handle export (as described earlier).




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"Matt McBride" <matthew.mcbride@tfn.com> wrote in message


> ChartFX looks for the existence of ChartFX6 virtual directory... I

> understand that part of the logic behind this is that you can have


> spots for different versions. Is there a way to have a particular version

> look for a virtual dir other than ChartFX6?



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