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Are you passing the first column (date/time) as the numerical X axis (meaning that the distance between Jan 01 and Feb 01 is bigger than the distance between Mar 01 and Mar 02) or are we using the date/time field as a label ?

If we are using the date/time fields as a label you may need to make sure that you set the Axis.Format property before the data is read into the chart.


Juan Cegarra

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From: Sai Buddhavarapu [ mailto:sai@transsolutions.com]

Posted At: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 11:27 AM

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Conversation: Time on x-axis

Subject: Time on x-axis


I am plotting a time of day graph. The data has two columns the first is

date/time in long data format and the second columns is an integer that I

want to plot on the y-axis.

Though the data is in the format "01/01/2000 2:48:00 PM", I want the x axis

labels to show the time in 24 hour format (e.g. 14:48:).

I have used both the following but the labels always show the date but not

the time.

ChartFX1(2).Axis(AXIS_X).Format = AF_TIME

ChartFX1(2).Axis(AXIS_X).Format = "HH:mm"

What do I have to to do to get the labels to show time and not date.



I am using chrtfx98

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