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Some of our Dev groups want control of the charts beyond the typical usage

of the interface. I noticed that chart and axis have methods to indicate

where they are in the image but I dont' see that other elements like point 1

of series 2 have the same info available.

An example... to be able use a custom gradient scheme that is painted by GDI

in a bar. You could handle the PostPaint event but in order to fill the bar

correctly you would need to know it's x-y position and height/width.

"SoftwareFX Support" <support@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> The MarkerToPixel method in the chart object as well as the ValueToPixel

> method in the axis object allow you to retrieve these coordinates. If you

> explain a little what do you need these coordinates for maybe I can give


> some advice on how to user these methods.


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> FP

> Software FX, Inc.



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That level of detail is not available. However it can be calculated.

Every gallery type is different a and other settings such as 3D also affect

the shape and positioning of the "markers".

Specifically for 2D bar charts (side-by-side), you can use the MarkerToPixel

method to retrieve the position of the center of the bar.

To obtain the width of the bar, you can use:

width = ((AxisX.ValueToPixel(indexofbar-1) -

AxisX.ValueToPixel(indexofbar))*chart.Volume/100.0) / numberofseries



Software FX, Inc.

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