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Re: Is there a way to "copy" and/or "save" chart?

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1) Yes. You can reuse the chart as you like. At any given point however, the 

chart must have only ONE container.

MFC however, will not let you manipulate the control in this way. You can

not pass a pointer to an MFC control. The only way to initialize the pointer

to the control in MFC is by creating one. Well, at least not as far as I

know ...

So even though neither OLE nor Chart FX imposes any restrictions on setting

a diferent container at run time, MFC makes it hard.

2) Chart FX is a generic OLE Control so it doesn't know a CFile/CArchive.

You can export the chart to a file passing the HANDLE to the file (which you

can obtain from CFile if the file is a disk file) and you can also export

the chart to an OLE Stream or Storage.



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