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RE: ChartFX DTC and Interdev 6.0

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From: Frederic GERDIL [ mailto:f.gerdil@igc.ch]

Posted At: Monday, August 23, 1999 6:44 AM

Posted To: General

Conversation: ChartFX DTC and Interdev 6.0

Subject: ChartFX DTC and Interdev 6.0


I have a problem using ChartFx DTC with Interdev 6.0

I want to draw a chart using data from a database.

I set a Data connection, and I assign it to the data tab in DTC properties


DTC create a run time code that seems to be OK except the code use some

session variables

Month97.Open Session("Month97_ConnectionString"),

Session("Month97_RuntimeUserName"), Session("Month97_RuntimePassword")

these variables seems to be empty when I run the asp page so I get a error

message. If I replace the variable by direct code

Month97.Open ("myDSN","theuser","theUser") everything seems to be OK.

How can I initialise these Session variables correctly.




> Frederic GERDIL (f.gerdil@igc.ch)


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