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Small Chart Size and AxisY Conflict

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I'm using asp.net and vb.net to build a matrix of graphs on the fly.  I'm

having problems getting the size of the graphs to work correctly with the

Y-axis values.

If I set all the gap (rightgap, leftgap, bottomgap, topgap) values to 1, in

order to maximize the graph, I lose the Y-axis. This actually gives me more

or less the size graph I want to display, but again, I lose the Y-axis. As

shown in MaximizedGraph.jpg.

If I don't set the leftgap, but still maximize the other three gaps on the

graph, the graph becomes too small to read. The background rectangle that

the graph sits on top off will actually remain the size I want, but the

graph's display area is unreadable. Also, changing the value of the LeftGap

property does not seem to have any effect on this. As shown in LeftGap.jpg.

Please help if you know a way of keeping the graphs to the desired small

size, but also being able to include the y-axis.


Alex Liatis

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I think that you can achieve what you want by changing the order in which

you set the properties a little bit.

Here is how:

1) Set the gaps to 1 (all of them) prior to setting any other property.

2) Then set the values and other properties including the Font.

What this will do is to start with a gap of 1 but then adjust it to fit the

elements present in the chart (like the Y-Axis).



Software FX, Inc.


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