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XML-Datasource and Properties

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I've many problems when I trying to use XML as my data-pool.

Some of the properties runs, some other not (or I use them in a wrong way)

I currently use a trial version, which I've downloaded 6 day ago from German

page (softwareFx.de)

Please help, it's very urgent (I want to use the tool in a running project)

Problems with:

- Format Date:

Only the date, without time, is displayed (see also Screenshot)

Example data row: <ROW T="2004-03-12 11:08:00" Q1="88" Q2="95"


- ContextMenus always visible

Setting: <PROP NAME="ContextMenus" VALUE="0"/> // I also used


- Can't set colors to series:

Example 1:

<OBJECT NAME="Series(1)">

<PROP NAME="Color" VALUE="12"/> // also tried "RGB(255,0,0)" and

"#FF0000" and "FF0000"


Example 2:

<PROP NAME="Series(0).Color" VALUE="233"/>

Open Questions:

- How can I customize my toolbar by using XML?

Thank you for your Help


<!---------------------- start.asp --------------------------------->

<OBJECT CLASSID="CLSID:21F49842-BFA9-11d2-A89C-00104B62BDDA"


WIDTH="600" HEIGHT="300" ID="Chart1"



<PARAM NAME="LICENSE" VALUE="/license/CfxIE.lic">

<PARAM NAME="TEMPLATE" VALUE="/Home/data/xmlStyle.xml">

<PARAM NAME="TEMPLATEReader" VALUE="{9B6D6F4C-1F1A-48C2-8888-60B93002A445}">




<PARAM NAME="DATAPATH" VALUE="/Home/data/xmlData.xml">

<PARAM NAME="DATAPATHReader" VALUE="{9B6D6F4C-1F1A-48C2-8888-60B93002A445}">




<!---------------------- xmlStyle.xml --------------------------------->

<?xml version="1.0"?>


<PROP NAME="TypeMask" VALUE="109576196"/>

<PROP NAME="ContextMenus" VALUE="0"/>

<PROP NAME="LeftGap" VALUE="5"/>

<PROP NAME="Title(0)" VALUE="Values"/>

<PROP NAME="Title(3)" VALUE="Date and Time"/>

<PROP NAME="Title(2)" VALUE="Measurement"/>

<PROP NAME="Series(0).Color" VALUE="233"/>

<OBJECT NAME="Series(1)">

<PROP NAME="Color" VALUE="RGB(255,0,0)"/>


<OBJECT NAME="Axis(2)">


<PROP NAME="Name" VALUE="Times"/>

<PROP NAME="Size" VALUE="10"/>

<PROP NAME="Color" VALUE="FF0000"/>



<PROP NAME="LabelAngle" VALUE="45"/>



<!---------------------- xmlData.xml --------------------------------->

<?xml version="1.0"?>





<COLUMN NAME="Q1" TYPE="Integer"/>

<COLUMN NAME="Q2" TYPE="Integer"/>

<COLUMN NAME="Q3" TYPE="Integer"/>


<ROW T="2004-03-12 11:08:00" Q1="88" Q2="95" Q3="43"/>

<ROW T="2004-03-12 11:08:00" Q1="87" Q2="95" Q3="41"/>

<ROW T="2004-03-12 11:08:20" Q1="84" Q2="93" Q3="40"/>

<ROW T="2004-03-12 11:08:40" Q1="81" Q2="93" Q3="39"/>

<ROW T="2004-03-12 11:09:00" Q1="83" Q2="93" Q3="42"/>

<ROW T="2004-03-12 11:09:20" Q1="86" Q2="94" Q3="45"/>

<ROW T="2004-03-12 11:09:40" Q1="88" Q2="97" Q3="48"/>

<ROW T="2004-03-12 11:10:00" Q1="86" Q2="99" Q3="50"/>

<ROW T="2004-03-12 11:10:20" Q1="85" Q2="98" Q3="53"/>

<ROW T="2004-03-12 11:10:40" Q1="85" Q2="98" Q3="51"/>

<ROW T="2004-03-12 11:11:00" Q1="82" Q2="95" Q3="51"/>



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- Format Date:

One thing is the data and another thing is how the data is formatted. A type

Date ALLWAYS contains Date and Time information however you can chose to

display it in any way you want.

If your case, the data is ok, however, if you want to display Date and Time

you need to set LabelsFormat.Format to AxisFormat.DateTime. You can then set

CustomFormat to "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS".

- Properties XML

Your XML for the properties is incorrect in many ways.

The first thing is the Axis object, this is not the way the axis object is

stored. The second thing is the Format.You are setting Format to "YYYY-MM-DD

HH:MM:SS". This is wrong as the Type of the Format property is AxisFormat

not string, also, the Format property is inside the LabelsFormat object not

directly under the Axis object.

I suggest that, when in doubt, you create a Windows Form project, set the

properties you want either at design-time or in code and then export the XML

to check what the appropriate format would be.

Here is a correct XML fragment for setting the Axis Format:


<ITEM index="2">









Software FX

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