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problem with legends

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I am currently having a problem with the legends on several of my graphs -

the legend width size varies each time I reload a page and sometimes it

covers the graph completely - even thought the data and information

displayed in the legend is the same.

Is there any way I can set the width of the legend box? The legend box is

displayed on the right hand side of the graph. I would consider moving it to

the bottom of the graph but I need this space for the data editor.

Any suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Mary T.

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I don't know exactly what's happening here and I have been unable to

reproduce it.

1) What Chart FX product and version (including build number) are you using


2) Does this happen at design time (this is posted in the designer forum) ?

3) Can you provide us with a URL or sample program that reproduces the

problem ?



Software FX, Inc.

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