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Certificate Not Valid

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Dear sir/miss,

When we want to install the Active X component and we click on Certificate,

the Certificate tells us that it's not valid anymore.

Even when we visit the website www.chartfx.com the certificate is also not

valid anymore.

A screenshot is included with the attached document.

Please inform us with an answer.

With kind regards,

Rob Janssen



SyncForce bv

Rooijakkersstraat 2

P.O. Box 4989

5604 CD Eindhoven

The Netherlands

T +31-(0)40-2392200

F +31-(0)40-2392201


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We are unable to reproduce this problem.

What does the error say ? I can see the screenshot that you sent but I don't

know any German :-(

The fact that the certificate expired is not an issue, this is completely

ok. The certificate has been renewed.The ActiveX in or web site was signed

BEFORE the certificate expired.



Software FX

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