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Failed to download Chart ProtocolError - NotFound (404)

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We are receiving the following error when trying to use the .NET control of

the ChartFX 6.2 display within the web browser:

Failed to download Chart

ProtocolError - NotFound (404)

We are using the trial version to do some testing before we move forward and


We have some deadlines we are trying to meet over this weekend so if anyone

can respond right away that would be greatly appreciated.


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Do a View-Source of your page and check the Url for the DataPath property in 

the Chart <OBJECT>.

What is it ?

Check this url by copy pasting it to the browser's address bar and preceding

it by the server name. For example if the DataPath said:


And your page came from www.myserver.com , type this in your browser's

address bar:


Do you get the same error ? If you do you have a setup problem. Check the


1) The Virtual Directory ChartFX62 is created in IIS and pointing to the

correct folder, you should be able to see the requested file (111111.chw) in

your file system under this folder.

2) Permissions are adequate so that the Web User can access this page and

ASP.NET User can WRITE on it.



Software FX

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