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Changing Legend

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Good morning

I'm using ChartFX ClientServer 5.1 (integrated in ActiveReports).

I have a chart with 5 series as stacked bars. Actually this is a workaround

to display only 3 Series in the requested layout. The problem is now the

Legendbox, it shows all 5 Series.

Do I have a possibility to only display specific series? I already checked

the helpfiles, but I couldn't find anything.

Thanks in advance


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Sure. You need to set an empty string to the legend for those series you 

want to hide and then use CHART_LSKIPEMPTY in the legend flags

(chart.SerLegBoxObj.Flags) to hide them.

You can also hide the series altogether (not just from the series legend) by


chart.Series(i).Visible = False



Software FX

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