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we are using ChartFX Internet 5.5.

We use a XY-Chart, with 3 series.

Now we want to export these values.

Within the toolbar, we can export "Data only" which is very close to that

what we want.

What we get (example):


age pulse


20.09.2004 12:30 66 20.09.2004 12:30 88 20.09.2004 12:30 777


What we want:


20.09.2004 12:30;66 ;88;777


We want :

1. rename XY as our own string (e.g. "date")

2. use another seperator (e.g. semicolon)

3. don't display the XY-column more than once

Is that possible?

Thanks for your help


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Short answer: No.

Long answer:

The XY is there to identify that this is an X/Y chart so that if it is

imported it is imported appropriately.

The X-Values are stored per series. Each series can have a different set of

X-Values, in your case they happen to be the same but we don't know that.

The only way to implement this will be to write a JavaScript that will go

through the data and generate the format you want.



Software FX

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