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sql problem

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I have created an sql query which produces these results:

Country Region PRO SPREADER

Australia Australia 5 3

France Europe 10 2

Germany Europe 10 3

Holland Europe 12 1

Ireland Europe 3 3

UK Europe 20 5

USA North America 40 6

The SQL Query I used is:

SELECT contact1.country, contact2.uregion, sum(umpro) AS PRO,

sum(umspreader) AS SPREADER

FROM contact1 inner join contact2 on contact1.accountno=contact2.accountno

WHERE contact2.ustatus= 'CURRENT' group by country, uregion

What I want to do is create a BAR graph that shows this:


Australia 5 3

Europe 35 9

UK 20 5

USA 40 6

In other words i want to sort of combine 2 columns into one....I want to

take UK out from country and show it as a region.

Any ideas?



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