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IE 6 Crashes when the browser window is closed

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I am sorry but we are unable to reproduce this behavior. We tested with a

Win2K server with IE6.0 SP1 with latest IE patch applied and ChartFX IE 3.5

component performed as expected. We used the samples that come with ChartFX

IE 3.5 as a test and none of them failed. Do your samples work correctly or

do they also cause the browser to crash?


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"Ricky Mendoza" <prix@hotmail.com> wrote in message


> SoftwareFX:


> This happened when a certain IE6 service pack or hotfix was installed.


> can you guys provide a patch for this problem. You can replicate this

> problem by installing all available service packs for win2K and IE6.


> Using ChartFX Internet Edition


> Please Help!!!



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