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Pie chart sizing issue

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I generate an image of the pie chart in my code. But, the pie chart gets cut

at the bottom. See the attachment.

I use the following values for the gap, height & width.

myGraph.HtmlTag = "image"

myGraph.Height = New Unit(150)

myGraph.Width = New Unit(100, UnitType.Percentage)



myGraph.LeftGap = 1

myGraph.RightGap = 1

myGraph.TopGap = 1

myGraph.BottomGap = 1

How to get the full pie chart?



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Are you using Chart FX for .NET ? if so you are in the wrong newsgroup.

I think the problem you are having (if you are using Chart FX for .NET) is

fixed in the latest service pack, take a look at article

Q6002137. SeparateSlice property causing Pie charts to be clipped


In our support site.



Software FX, Inc.

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