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Force certain labels on AXIS_Y

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Hi there.

I've created a BAR chart with horizontal grid, and I defined the

(AXIS_y).Min and .Max values to what I need them to be.

But, how do I define which values to be shown on the AXIS_Y labels?

On the link below you can see that the shown values range from 20,00 to

230,00. I need to show the value 100,00 all the time, and then ChartFX can

devide the rest of the values as best fit (or I can define them myself).

The main issue is how to force the chart to show a certain value on this



Regards Mads

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The Y-Axis step is constant, the only way to force a specific value to show

is to ensure that the Min and the Step property are set so that the value is


For example, in your specific case setting the Min to 10 and the Step to 100

does the trick, other combinations like Min at 20 and Step at 20 will also


Unfortunately there is no built-in way of achieving this.



Software FX, Inc.

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