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How to explain "??" as MarkerShape....?

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You are using the Fonts property incorrectly. The index of the Fonts

property needs to be one of the following:

CHART_LEFTFT 0 Please refer to TitleFont

CHART_RIGHTFT 1 Please refer to TitleFont

CHART_TOPFT 2 Is used to change the font type for the Top Title.

CHART_BOTTOMFT 3 Please refer to TitleFont

CHART_XLEGFT 4 Please refer to Font

CHART_X2LEGFT 11 Please refer to Font

CHART_Y2LEGFT 10 Please refer to Font

CHART_YLEGFT 5 Please refer to Font

CHART_FIXEDFT 6 Constant lines font

CHART_LEGENDFT 7 Please refer to Font

CHART_VALUESFT 8 Please refer to PointLabelFont

CHART_EDITORFT 12 Please refer to Font


As described in the help file.

Please see my answer to your previous postings on how to change the Point

marker to a character.



Software FX, Inc.

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