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See thread in chartfx.internet.55 newsgroup.


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From: Stephan Klaffer [mailto:stephan.klaffer@decisionworks.co.uk]

Posted At: Friday, October 06, 2000 6:52 AM

Posted To: Client

Conversation: Colors for series

Subject: Colors for series

Hello there,

I am trying to set a color to a series. Using the properties dialog that

works fine, but using the API there is something odd is happening.

If I do

ChartFX1.Series(1).Color = 255

in order to set the color to red, it does nothing - the color stays the old

one. But once I changed the color of any series using the property dialog

this call will succeed (and any other call to that property).

Any idea what I can do in order to do that purely programmatically - without

using the dialog???

Stephan Klaffer

DecisionWorks London

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