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Have you tried to change the video settings in the machine that fails ?

Does it have a different video card ?

Can you see the charts from that machine when connected to our support site ?

I noticed in your HTML page (view-source) that you are using an old version of our software, have you tried to download and install the latest service pack ?


Juan Cegarra

Software FX, Inc.


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From: NickyW [mailto:nickyw@nojunk.com]

Posted At: Wednesday, September 20, 2000 5:51 AM

Posted To: Client

Conversation: Invisible chart

Subject: Re: Invisible chart

sorry that should be http://www.telco-gc.com/costcentres/chartfxtest.asp


NickyW <nickyw@nojunk.com> wrote in message


> Hi,

> I have a problem viewing chartfx graphs on a particular pc. The following

> page with a standard test chart

> http://telco-gc.com/costcentres/chartfxtest.asp ) works fine on all pc's


> my office except one.

> On that computer the chart box and the axis and legends appear, but not


> actual chart. If I select properties and set the border to customer on the

> series tab then the outline of the chart becomes visible. This happens


> on IE and on Netscape Navigator.


> Can anyone tell me why this is happening.


> Thanks in advance,


> Nicky



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