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RE: Trouble loading complex CHFs into CfxIE4

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We were able to reproduce the problem and it will be fixed on the next CfxIE 2000 service pack. 

Please make sure that you DON'T include your LIC file in future attachments.


Juan Cegarra

Software FX, Inc.


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From: CfxIE4B On Behalf Of Stale Andersen

Posted At: Tuesday, November 02, 1999 8:27 AM

Posted To: Client

Conversation: Trouble loading complex CHFs into CfxIE4

Subject: Trouble loading complex CHFs into CfxIE4

I am using the CfxIE4-activeX in an intranet-system to display charts

generated by a server application using Cfx98. The server application

exports the chart using CFX_OLEFILE, and I try to load the CHF-file into an

CfxIE4 object by

setting the DataPath-property.

This works fine for simple Charts, but I have now ran into problems with a

more complex Chart. Try running the enclosed HTML-example, and see what

happens when you try to load TestChart2. On my PC, MS Internet Explorer

crashes. Is this a bug in the compability between Cfx98 and CfxIE, or am I

doing something wrong??

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