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RE: Chart FX and IE 3.0/Win 95B

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It is the same problem. We are using the Unicode version of a function instead of the ANSI version so it will fail in any browser under Windows 95.

This problem will be fixed on the next beta drop that will be available next Monday.


Juan Cegarra

Software FX, Inc.


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Conversation: Chart FX and IE 3.0/Win 95B

Subject: Re: Chart FX and IE 3.0/Win 95B

Thanks, I also have a user who gets the same error using windows 95 (not

sure if its B or not) and IE 5.0 (AOL version d/l from AOL). I'm not sure

if they installed the shell extensions, but I assume its the same problem?



Juan Cegarra wrote in message ...

>CfxIEReg.exe is using a function (SHGetFromIDList) that is not present

>in a "clean" Win95 + IE3 configuration.


>We will fix this issue on the next beta drop (scheduled to be released

>sometime this week).




>Juan Cegarra

>Software FX, Inc.




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