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ChartFX on XP - How can I tell if the client object is installed?

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How can I tell if the Chart FX client has installed properly on an XP client 

or better yet, determine why its no longer working? We have some users that

are being prompted to download the client object, even though it was

previously installed on their workstations.

Under Windows 2000, I would search for the files CfxIEAx.ocx and SfxBar.dll,

or look for the registry key, HKLM\Software\Software FX, Inc.\ChartFX

Internet Edition\Palettes. Neither of these approaches appear to work in XP.

Also, are the steps for performing a manual installation on an XP client the

same as for a Win 2000 client?


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Compare the version specified in the CODEBASE against the actual version of 

the Client Control (CfxIEAx.ocx) and your .CAB file. If they are different,

the control will download every time.

Apart from more aggressive security settings in XP, there is no difference

in how to install or use the Client Control here vs. Windows 2000.

Is the control running correctly after it downloads ?


Francisco Padron


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