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Copy to Clipboard option gone

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We generate Charts and we put them in a directory with the Chart.Export 


Then in anothre file we import the chart with the Chart.Import method. Then

we show the Chart with de Chart.GetHtml method

When we rightclick on the Chart in the browser the "Copy to Clipboard"

option is gone.

When we don't use the export and import methods, the "Copy to Clipboard"

option works well.

How can we get the "Copy to Clipboard" option back when using the Export and

Import methods?

With kind regards,


Rob Janssen



SyncForce bv

Rooijakkersstraat 2

P.O. Box 4989

5604 CD Eindhoven

The Netherlands

T +31-(0)40-2392200

F +31-(0)40-2392201


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