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Gantt chart, two of same series per line

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i'm creating a gantt chart in ChartFX IE 2000, representing appointments for

users across a day.

If one user has 2 client meetings - one from 9am-10am and then 11am-12am,

but it uses the same series (client meeting), then the gantt chart will only

display the 2nd meeting.

using this:

ChartFXobj.IniValueEX(legendid,usernum) = rs("event_start")

ChartFXobj.ValueEX(legendid,usernum) = rs("event_end")

where usernum is the number of the user, represented on the X axis, and

legendid is the number of the series.

given that the legendid and usernum are the same for both appointments but

the times are different, how can i get the chart to display both




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You need to make them different.

You need as many series as segments you want to show for a given point (the

maximum number of segments if this number is variable).

' First segment for first point

ValueEx[0,0] = <value>

IniValueEx[0,0] = <ini_value>

' Second segment for first point

ValueEx[1,0] = <value>

IniValueEx[1,0] = <ini_value>

' First segment for second point

ValueEx[0,1] = <value>

IniValueEx[0,1] = <ini_value>

' Second segment for second point

ValueEx[1,1] = <value>

IniValueEx[1,1] = <ini_value>


chart.Cluster = true

to have all segments for the same point in the SAME position.


Francisco Padron


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