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nPoint property

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clickedLabel = chart1.Legend(nIndex)

clickedSeries = chart1.SerLeg(nSeries)

clickedValue = chart1.ValueEx(nSeries,nIndex)

Most properties in ChartFX are settable/gettable so even though the

documentation refers to how to set them (this is what most users will do)

you can normally get them using similar code.


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"Danny Sierra" <daniel.sierra@amedd.army.mil> wrote in message


> Trapping the LButtonDblClk event and getting the index within the series

> that was clicked. Where do I get the values & labels for this index?

> ChartFX documentation is terrible, everything refers to setting values,

> not

> getting values. How do I resolve the nPoint back to the clicked

> value/label?



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