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Re: removing series no from displaying

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I have figured out the right hand side of the statement.

chart.Axis = CfxAxisStyle.AS_HIDETEXT;

The right hand side is fine. But left hand side

gives error as chart.axis is enumerated type.

The error is :"Property or indexer 'ChartfxLib.ChartFXClass.Axis' cannot be

assigned to -- it is read only".

Also I cannot use anything like chart.Axis(AXIS_X) as it throws error like

AXIS_X does not exist in the namespace and chart.Axis cannot be assigned


I am doing this in .net.


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chart.Axis = CfxAxisStyle.AS_HIDETEXT

Is NOT correct. The property you need to set is Style:

chart.Axis.Style = chart.Axis.Style or CfxAxisStyle.AS_HIDETEXT

Notice that all of this complications come from the fact that you are trying

to use our COM component from .NET instead of using the .NET component.

Why don't you use the .NET version ? it will make your life a LOT easier.



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